Custom Filter Option in Filter Widget

07-20-2023 12:41 PM
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In Web App Builder's Filter Widget there was the option to allow the user to create a "Custom Filter" (see screenshot) and in the ExB Filter Widget there is not that option. I think this would be worth while enhancement to bring ExB closer to parity with WAB.

Custom Filter Widget Option.jpg


Great idea. As already discussed in this forum there is an urgent need for more filter options, especially group filter and custom filter.


Agreed, this is one of the main features stopping us from migrating to ExB.


It also seems so common-sense. I hate to be that guy but...would this be that hard to implement? Is js 4.x that different from 3.x? In any case, humbly ESRI, I request a user-defined filter option!


Please Esri! We need this feature yesterday! WAB had it ten years ago. I would have thought this would be one of the first features to migrate over to EB.

Our large multi-national organization will not migrate to EB until it's available! Very disappointing since we like most everything else EB has to offer.


Just discovered this limitation myself. All the more disappointing as I'm trying ExB to get around bug 000164611 which is preventing filtering by date in an existing WAB product that has to have the custom filtering option. Please implement, ESRI.


With the latest Feburary2024 release you can now set filters at runtime using the Map Layers widget

Please check the below comment for more details:


@SumitZarkarCT  while this is a step in the right direction, why cant this be the default filter widget ? why is it obscured in a widget that isn't about filtering at all? ESRI needs to figure out how to fix ExB before 2025 or there are going to be a lot of unhappy customers when Web App Builder apps start breaking and we cannot fix them.