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08-24-2021 04:14 PM
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I am working on an instructions section to be included on a Sidebar.  Currently it seems text and images need to be added separately Text Widget / Image Widget / Text Widget / Image Widget etc.  While a picture is worth 1000 words, it is tricky to go back and forth between widgets.


It would be great to have a combined widget that could add both text and images similarly to the way WAB does.


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Need the same. Any workaround?


The best work around, I have found, is add a column, with like 10 rows with height set to auto, then insert text or an image into each of the rows.

It's not an idea solution if you ever need to reorder.


YES please. It is impossible to establish any kind of useful Help widget/information for end users without this (especially as a City government building apps for the general public)




Hi everyone, my workaround for this was to pull in a list widget into my Widget Controller, change the name to "Map Tools" and the icon to something other than the list icon. I then created a spreadsheet that had a map tool title field, image url field, and the text field. I filled these out and then used dynamic text within the list to create the Map Tools panel for my map application. I think it worked pretty slick and looks nice.