Bulk Report Generator in Experience Builder

09-20-2021 01:40 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to have the ability to generate multiple report pages.  Currently I use Experience Builder to generate reports replicating State Specific Forms.  I would like the ability to select multiple points and generate multiple reports similar to the feature in Survey123.


Dellis Stanberry

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We are trying to create a custom Parcel Report that generates a multi-page PDF of selected parcels. This functionality exists in our legacy app built in Geocortex, but does not exist in Experience Builder. Sharing the results of our research:

Implementing the custom Parcel Report to print a multi-page PDF of selected features like the one in Geocortex will require a custom widget, similar to the Geoprocessing widget in Web AppBuilder.

  1. The Web AppBuilder (WAB) Select widget is not integrated with the Print widget, based on this documentation: https://doc.arcgis.com/en/web-appbuilder/latest/create-apps/widget-select.htm
  2. The WAB/Experience Builder Print widget does not allow users to select features as input inside of the widget, based on https://doc.arcgis.com/en/web-appbuilder/latest/create-apps/widget-print.htm
  3. The only out-of-the-box (OOTB) way to use a selection to generate a PDF map series in AGOL WAB would be to use the Geoprocessing Widget. This would require writing new GP script, publishing GP Service, configuring widget. Etc. Note, this is not an option for Experience Builder.
  4. There is not an Experience Builder Select widget that is integrated with the print widget
  5. There is not a GP widget in Experience Builder. It looks like it is on the long-term Experience Builder roadmap though