An Action on the List Widget to Open the Popup on the Map

09-14-2021 03:41 PM
Status: Open
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I have a List Widget that has a trigger set to perform the 'zoom to' action on the Map Widget.  I would also like it to open the pop-up on the map when the user clicks on an item in the list.

I asked a question about it here almost a year ago:

Though David said he would propose something for this, I thought I should make it an official Experience Builder Idea.


Yes please, this would be amazing. Especially since transitioning from Dashboards to EB, as we use this functionality in most Dashboards. 


I would like to signal boost this idea. Adding the action to open the popup for a selected feature in the List Widget opens up additional possibilities for what we can develop with ExB natively.


The action is already available in Dashboards and is desperately needed in ExB. Example from Dashboard Table/List element:





The Search Widget also needs this action as an option as well.  Otherwise you have to configure a feature info widget for every layer you want return results on.


@DavidColey That's a fantastic point. I went ahead and submitted an Idea based on your comment.


Way to go @DavidWittmann - I'm STILL coming up (or trying to) with work-arounds from both a design and functionality perspective to combat this so thanks for wordsmithing that up!


Agree this feature would be great. 


Yes - pleased add to search widget - a common task is to search for an address using the world geocoder, map zooms to the location and puts a marker on the map, and then automatically a popup opens showing information map layers about that location. 


This is an essential feature I need to be able to realistically move to experience builder


kinda crazy this isnt implemented yet. This seems like it would be day 1 functionality.