Allow window to open when a record on the map is selected

08-26-2021 10:27 AM
Status: Open
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I would love to see this update to the map widget on Experience Builder. Currently, a feature of the list widget is that you can choose to have a window open when a record/result is selected:



It seems like this should be possible using actions and triggers, but as far as I can tell, it's not possible:



I would love to see this functionality replicated with the map widget, so that a user can click on a record and have a new window open (instead of a pop-up, etc). For instance, if I want a user to get the same response when selecting a record from a list vs. on a map, it would be great to have this feature enabled. Thanks!


Absolutely, breaking the pop-up info free of the map would really take Experience Builder to the next level and would allow it to be both map and non-map focused.


@Jianxia This is a great idea! Our team also would like this functionality. Any news if this will be in a future release?



A button might work as a work around.  Set up a new page (or view) with the Feature Info Widget source set to Selected features.  Turn off map pop-ups.  Then add a button on the map which points to the page or view where the Feature Info widget is. 

It does make it a two step process, first select something on the map then click the button.  I have called the button "selection details" or just "details"

If there are stacked features it does go a little funky.  Further details here



@RyanBohan thanks for the suggestion that's a great workaround, but I think this user is specifically looking for less clicks in the UX (more streamlined).

We're also leveraging the button method for our apps, which works great in some specific cases (like when paired with a list) but in others where you just need a map and a window it's not ideal. 




I just went looking to find out how to do this and found your thread, this still seems to not be an option and that is baffling to me. I'll have to try with the Feature Info widget though.