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Allow end users to choose comparison operator when using query widget

09-25-2023 10:34 AM
Status: Open
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I'd like to see in Experience Builder an option to allow user input for selecting the operator for a query. Right now I am able to configure the widget to take user input for values (see images below), but I have to pre-configure the operator (equals, contains, greater than, etc.) which is a bit frustrating especially for numeric fields.


For example, if an end user wanted to search assessment parcels based on the condition that the acreage is at least 1 acre, but another user wants to search for parcels that are less than 0.5 acres, I'd have to create two separate queries for the two different operators, rather than having the user choose from a drop down.






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At first I thought this was a duplicate of the idea below, but I hadn't notice both widgets use the SQL expression builder the same way. 

I would like to see the ability for the user to select the operator be added to Query, Filter and any other similar widgets. This would be a powerful feature and it would be better if all appropriate widgets had the same ability. 

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