Allow Arcade Expressions in Experience Builder

05-13-2020 08:52 PM
Status: Open
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It would be useful to be able to use arcade expressions in the following areas:

  • Filters. The list of fields available to filter on should include any arcade expressions created for the layer.
  • List templates. Again, really useful to use Arcade expressions to enhance data presentation in list widget.
  • Image and text widgets.

I'm hoping to see this extended in future releases of ExB. There are probably other widgets and interfaces where it would be useful as well within ExB.



Here's another place where I'd love to have support for arcade: In the survey123 widget, being able to send an arcade expression through the "send data to this survey".


Having Arcade expressions available in the EB List widget would be a game-changer for us. Right now, if you want to filter out all the fields that do not have any content it is not possible, so the result remains cluttered instead of being attractive for the end-user.


This would be so helpful!!!


Adding my support for this - would make all of these widgets so much more powerful (especially Filter and Text widgets, in my use case)!

by Anonymous User

Calculated Values in Lists and charts through Arcade. Specially since editing in tables is possible! 

Customer AEC Usecase is, to compare different scenarios, with the ability to change the relevance of certain KPIs. The KPIs come from Analysis out of ArcGIS, the relevance could be set in the table.  


This would be my most wanted feature.

I was asked to look into creating some KPI dashboards using the experience builder and my conclusion is that without support for advanced dynamic expressions, it can't be done at the moment.

We want to filter a map and the KPIs should match the selection.

The only solution we found was to start creating custom widgets, which is too much trouble.



The majority of the datasets that we deal with are dynamic layers so we make huge use of the Arcade intersect capabilities to find out how properties interact with these layers. 

I really need to see the capability within the search widget to return arcade expressions similar to the popup that might show.

It would really be a step backwards for us to have to add property information to every single layer that we have.  This would be duplication of data and a massive upkeeping with property changes happening in our growing town. 


I am very interested in being able to take the output geometry of the Search widget (locator for now) and be able to intersect it with data and display attributes in Text widgets.  I am not sure, but I think that Arcade might be part of making that possible.


I encountered this using a text widget for a host of "either present or not" attributes. I would love to be able to leave the "not present" attributes out of the text. so, I would like to have an IF function inside a text expression. But since Arcade is already defined, please allow arcade in expressions in the experience builder text widget please !


@Jianxia - Any updates or timeline on Arcade coming to ExB?