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Add URL Parameter to expand sidebar

03-29-2023 09:24 AM
Status: Open
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New Contributor II

It would be great if there was a URL Parameter in ExB that would expand a sidebar. I would like to have buttons that can control the opening of the sidebar. Are there any workarounds or is this in the pipeline? 


Thank you!


Hi @LaurenKuyer,

Currently, most URL parameters are built for framework level - widgets parameters have not been covered yet. We are working on more parameters of widgets (focusing on map related as it is of high priority), however I think your description could be valid - thank you for bring it up. We will evaluate the enhancement possibility based on the general feedback along the way. 



Hi @LaurenKuyer 

You can now use Button click message action provided by the button widget to toggle your sidebar widgets. Please refer to Button interaction options for more details. Please have a try and you're welcomed with any further issues. Thanks!