Add the Ability to Save Individual Elements for Use in Other Experiences or Allow Users to Copy & Paste Elements from One Experience to Another

02-26-2021 09:31 AM
Status: Open
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I'm creating templates for our org in Experience Builder. The ability to create and share templates is great, but it would be really helpful to be able to transfer individual elements from experience to experience. I want users to be able to mix and match individual elements from the templates I've created. It would be useful for me when creating the templates to not have to recreate element that already exist in one experience. And it would be helpful for my users to be able to pull out individual elements to add to their own experiences or different experience templates. Here's an example of the type of elements I'm referring to: I've created a dropdown legend using fixed panel and Sidebar. It looks like this:


You expand it to view the legend. It be nice to be able to group that content and copy it over to a new experience. As it now, I have to recreate it when I want to use it, or start with a template that contains it. I'd like to be able to move it between experiences more easily.