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Add Near Me Widget

07-16-2021 01:30 PM
Status: Open
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The Near Me Widget would be very helpful -


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Both our internal and public facing GIS web applications contain the Near Me widget. As a City government, we provide various information related to the City based on TMS or Address through the Near Me widget. The Near Me widget has been widely used by our citizens and city staff. I was just told that relators around the city use information generated from the Near Me widget. Our evening and weekend customer care service (contract service) is completely relying on information generated from the Near Me widget. The reason why the Near Me widget is so popular is because I can consolidate all data components and present information through the Near Me widget.
I have deployed a couple of applications through ArcGIS Experience builder, but without the Near Me widget, It will be very difficult to transition from Web Appbuilder. I would love to see the Near Me widget included in ArcGIS Experience builder in near future updates.Example of how the Near Me widget is usedExample of how the Near Me widget is used


I would concur with @Sung-JunKim1 and @DavidColey comments. We have several public facing applications that utilize the NearMe tool in WebApp Builder. Here is the one our county and several neighboring counties have as a web app for pharmaceutical take back to identify the nearest drop off location. We created similar web apps for food accessibility. Looking forward to the Q2 23 EB update.