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08-31-2020 11:49 PM
Status: Open
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Would be nice if Experience Builder would have a calendar widget (a classic display of month and dates) that you can connect with your data that has date-time information. This would be extremely useful for example to show events from a certain day. Right now you can only use a list to display events but to connect it to a simple calendar view would be really nice.    

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by Anonymous User

This would also be useful for us to identify days where we did/did not have data entries. This would help the UI so the user doesn't have to filter for a date only to find that there is no data for that day.


Yes please. Currently the only place to use calendars that I am aware of is Hub Premium. Would be great to have one to show dates of inspections, or data entry, or any date field interaction really, as opposed to just Events like the Hub option.


This would be a great addition.  I am working on a feature layer of events that will take place over the next year.  All the events have different start and stop dates.  A displayed calendar would really help show when the events are open.


This would be great. We're looking to configure an Experience app that enables the local council to manage its campsites so that when they click on a stand on a map, the calendar will be able to show when a campsite stand is booked out or available


This would be very useful to display date oriented data. It would be very beneficial to be able to display the scheduling of our data replication and display history of events from field data collection. Please include day, week and month view.


Amazing idea!  There are so many applications this can be used for: Event tracking, monitoring, tasks completed or due by, etc!


I would love to use this type of functionality on SEVERAL of my EB applications.

by Anonymous User

I agree. This is a great idea, obvious really.

I'd like to use Survey123 for a team of training facilitators to record sessions (planned & delivered) and then show them on a dashboard with map and status for quarterly monitoring.

Nothing stopping me so far, but ideally we'd have a calendar widget so planned and delivered sessions could be seen in chart, map and calendar view.





Is there any update about adding a calendar widget?


Would love to see this as well.  


I'd like to add our voice to this as well. Please consider this!