What's new in ArcGIS Experience Builder (April 2021)

04-14-2021 03:48 PM
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Thank you for your patience. Now new features are available. See this blog for more information.

The highlight below edits attributes in the table. Some of you have been asking for it since WAB. Finally It is in. 

Table editing.gif


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Thanks for the update @Jianxia. I'm happy to see editing in the table and the ability to export from it.

Do you have an update on the status of an editing widget that can add, delete and update geometries as well as attributes? In November, you mentioned editing geometries and the capability to export data from a table are under consideration in the 2021 roadmap along with other Web AppBuilder like widgets.

I have built many WAB apps that utilize the edit widgets and others that aren't available in the experience builder. I don't plan on migrating to the experience builder until at least editing is available.

I also don't see a point in building apps using the experience builder in the rare occasion when I don't need those tools. I don't want my users using EB apps for one thing and WAB apps for another. In my purview, the point of configuring apps for our users is to provide all the capabilities they need in the simplest way possible.

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@ScottKiley, Though we don't have a solid time line for the Edit widget, we know it is a core capability in both Web AppBuilder and Experience Builder. One of the Experience Builder goals, as you articulate clearly and I couldn't agree with you more, is to provide tools for our users in the simplest way possible. 


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Hi Jianxia and ExB Team, we are loving the Table widget!

There are a few enhancements/bugs which would be really nice to address. Posting here for others to kudo if they agree.

- Ability to add new row, as well as delete a row (especially if it is a table not tied to any geometry)

- The immediate refresh behavior; if you make an edit, the table refreshes and snaps you back to the top of your table, losing your spot. It also resets any sorting you had by field in descending/ascending order each time. It would be nice to make have a "Save Edits" button if this behavior cannot be adjusted. For now, I think we will tell the user to filter for only that record when editing, or else they will get lost in the table after each edit.

- The order by settings on the View do not seem to carry through to the table

- Ability to add or remove an attachment

- Any hope of seeing Attribute Expression values in the table one day? :grinning_face:

Thank you, looking forward to the next ExB update and what's to come.

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@BrittanyBurson, a good summary! As the Table widget wraps up the Feature Table widget from JSAPI 4.x, it is under the consideration of the JSAPI team to support for adding/deleting new rows. Added  @TianWen , Product Engineer from ExB team, for comments on these enhancements.

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@BrittanyBurson Thanks for the summary! All those are good points and are under consideration. But as @Jianxia mentioned, we need some support from the JSAPI team to make the enhancements. We'll collaborate and try to make it soon!

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How do I update my portal deployment so that I can get these new features (edit table) in there?

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@EricKriener - you have to wait for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9.1. Here is the versions chart:


Alternatively you can install the developer edition to get the latest features. 



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thanks @Jianxia, so what would happen if I put the dev edition on my portal and then applied 10.9.1 when it comes out?

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The dev edition is flexible. You just connect to Portal 10.9.1 from the dev edition instead of the previous version of the portal.

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