Why would the raster to TIN tool say complete but end up only finishing half?

05-04-2018 08:38 AM
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I was running the raster to TIN tool on a 32 bit float mosaic dataset DEM and it ran for a week on my virtual machine using ArcCatalog 10.3.1 and when it finally said complete it had only processed half of the DEM? I have attached an image, has anyone ever seen an output like this? There were no errors listed in the results window but it did take 155 hours to run on this massive dataset. I ran Create TIN and Raster to TIN before on the same dataset and both failed with memory errors but this time it seemed slow but working. The red lines appear to be gaps in data but my mosaic dataset is perfect. Any advice you all may have would be appreciated.

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Folks who do major TIN processing can probably provide specific workarounds, but I know in general that memory is often an issue.  From the Tool Help:

"...it's recommended that TINs be kept under several million points. Large input rasters and small Z tolerance settings may exceed this. If size is an issue, consider processing subsets or use Raster To Multipoint followed by building a terrain dataset."

How Raster To TIN works—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 


Chris Donohue, GISP

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Thanks Chris, I was trying to avoid processing in smaller chunks but I think that may be my best approach at this point.

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