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Why is a TPK I exported from a map service a different size when using ArcMap vs Arcpy? Both missing tiles when published on AGOL

04-14-2020 01:22 PM
New Contributor III

Exporting a tpk from a Map Service tile cache.

When exporting from ArcMap(10.4; ArcGIS Server 10.5) I get a smaller sized TPK then when I use the arcpy tool; both are using the same exact parameters:

- Export to Tile Package

- Compact

- Area of Interest set with a Feature Layer

I exported the feature layer I was using in arcpy to a feature class and checked the extent in ArcMap, it is slightly larger than the one produced in ArcMap with no code; however, when I check the inputs to the tool in geoprocessing results they both are exporting at the same extents.

Then I am noticing more issues once I bring either of these to AGOL...they're missing tiles (less tiles than the expected amount) but weirdly they both seem to cover the AOI at all the intended scales.

This later part is making me start to think, is the problem stemming from the map server cache itself? I am going to delete it and make a new one, though it so large this will take hours. Hoping in the meantime someone could offer me some insight on what is going on, thanks! 

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