Why are severe errors showing up when doing a rematch using a geocoding service?

12-15-2016 09:00 AM
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When using our composite geocode service in ArcMap, the log files fill up with the following errors when the user runs the rematch.

Method failed.HRESULT = 0x80004005 : Unspecified error .

Request with this name is not supported

I set the logs to record debug information and this entry occurs before the Method failed error:

.\CompositeLocator.cpp(4678): CHECK_HR((_ParallelCompositeLocatorMatch( getMappingsMethod, matchMethod, backupPlan, pInput, ppResult))) failed in long __cdecl CompositeLocator::_CompositeLocatorMatch(void (__cdecl WL::* )(class Mappings *&,class Mappings *&),long (__cdecl IAddressCandidates::* )(struct IPropertySet *,struct IArray **),struct IPropertySet *,struct IArray **,int,long (__cdecl *)(struct ILocator *,struct IPropertySet *,struct IArray **))

Has any one had the same type of issue and come up with a resolution?

Thanks very much.


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