what is the expected output for webgisdr backup to AWS S3 bucket

05-09-2022 10:27 AM
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When choosing BACKUP_STORE_PROVIDER = FileSystem the expected output is the fully packaged .webgissite file: 


What is the expected output when choosing BACKUP_STORE_PROVIDER = AmazonS3? Should I expect to see the .webgissite file or expect to see each component individually? After executing the DR utility my AWS S3 bucket has a new folder structure created with the following individual files: Datastore has the .snapshot file (and relational db .dump/.backup), Server has the .agssite file, and Portal has .portalsite file.

When going to restore from S3 and each component is in sperate folders will the DR utility only need to be passed the root folder and it will go find the portal, server, and data store components needed for a full restore? Based on the comments in the webgisdr.properties file it seems that only the root folder is needed, but just want to be sure:

# Specify a backup name used for the Web GIS restore only.
# Example:
# April-20-2017-5-04-14-PM-PDT-FULL
# or
# webgisdr-backup/10-5-1/full/April-20-2017-5-04-14-PM-PDT-FULL

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