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01-25-2023 01:41 AM
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I want to limit the max number of feature in my WFS service, like described here:


My question is: if both property are set (Enable maximum number of features and

Maximum number of features), the server will eventually not return all available features. But can the user query this in capabilities document? There are some property or metadata, so that the user knows, that potentially not all features will be returned?

Best regards, Tom

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Hi Tom,

It seems there is a almost always a default max value set for WFS to respond to GetFeature methods so users/developers should be made aware. The default max is 1000 for ArcGIS Server and if you do set the Maximum number of features property to be some other number and you wish to allow it to be discovered via GetCapabilities, it seems you may have to use the option to use an external capabilities file.

As stated at the bottom of this page (, to control the maximum number of features returned by the service, set the DefaultMaxFeatures property. The DefaultMaxFeatures property is only supported with WFS 1.1.0, so if you are using external capabilities files, you only need to set this property in the file referencing the 1.1.0 properties.

In an external capabilities file, the DefaultMaxFeatures property is defined in the metadata section of WFSServer 1.1.0 file as follows:

<ows:Constraint name="DefaultMaxFeatures">

Is it what you may be looking for?

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Thank you for you answer!

It seems, that this is only supported in WFS 1.1.0

Does this mean, that the metadata are missing in WFS 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 but the limit will work, or that there is no possibility to limit the max number of features in WFS 1.0.0 and 2.0.0?



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