Datastore CLI tools: File not found 'nulletc/arcgis-data-store-config.json'

01-26-2023 04:17 PM
New Contributor

I'm trying to use the command line tool on a Linux instance running ArcGIS Datastore.

When I run it I get the following error:

sh /var/log/arcgis/datastore/

Error encountered: ArcGIS Data Store configuration store is not configured correctly, or a bad configuration is being used.File not found 'nulletc/arcgis-data-store-config.json'.

Does anyone know how I can set the value currently set to null to the path to etc/arcgis-data-store-config.json ?

I was hoping there would be a switch to override the config location as an additional argument but that does not seem to be the case. I also tried "source arcenv" before running my command in hopes that would set the missing variable but it did not.

Any assistance or solutions are appreciated.


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