webgisdr doesn't restore all services

12-18-2021 08:05 PM
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ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1

We are testing a migration from a single machine deployment, to another, newer machine (vm). We have chosen the webgisdr migration approach.

I get the new environment installed, configured, federated. I am also making the sure the site is accessible via the hosts file entry, using the old original dns name, and all federation and portal URLs are based on the original, matching URL.

The webgisdr backup works fine, and I have verified (by unzipping the backup files) that all of our services are in the backup file.

The restore on the new machine also completes without error, but random services will be missing. Their corresponding folders just are nowhere to be found in the /arcgisserver/config-store/services folder. But, what I have just noticed is that the /arcgisserver/logs/servername/services folder DOES contain all the logs folders for the corresponding services.

Has anyone experienced this, or something similar, and know of a fix? I have engaged support but the process is slow going, and we haven't found anything yet. Figured I would post here to see if anyone else has experienced/resolved this.

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Hey there Paul, this may be a good opportunity to engage out support staff for them to have a closer look. If you would like, you can send me the case number so that I can keep an eye on the progress of the case. 

Keep on keeping on!
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Hi Paul, did you ever manage to solve this? We seem to be seeing the same problem on our WebGISDR. We are at 10.9.1. Random services either not started or not even created in the environment where we have done an import. In our case the ArcGIS Server logs do report this.

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Hi Adam,

Unfortunately, we did not figured it out. We had a case open with ESRI for months on the issue, but was closed as a bug due to having ArcGIS insights installed (at one point). I'll paste the bugs below. It appears one of the bugs has been fixed in version 11.0.

We haven't yet migrated the server, but we did migrate our Postgres geodabase to VM - so we are one step closer. Honestly, everything seemed to work just fine about the webgisdr backup/restore process, except those missing services, and those were easily restored by manually copying them. That said, I just am a unsure about what else we may find that didn't migrate after a short time of usage after switching to the new server. Please let me know if you come across anything that helps!

BUG-000129970 : An ArcGIS Server deployment restore using the webgisdr utility fails when the Microsoft SQL JDBC driver is configured to support ArcGIS Insights.

BUG-000123500 : Server restores fail using the DR tool if a backup is taken from a site with Insights for ArcGIS configured and restored to a site without Insights for ArcGIS.