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08-28-2019 08:57 AM
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I am receiving the following error when attempting to make a 1st full back up of a new portal:

"Failed to back up the Portal for ArcGIS:
Url: <snip>.
{"error":{"code":500,"details":null,"message":"Failed to export site. Export of the Portal repository failed. \\\\<snip>\\SiteConfig\\Portal\\arcgisportal\\content\\items\\499b99ace8a74a15bd0e29a591ac016a is not the sub directory of the directory //<snip>/SiteConfig/Portal/arcgisportal/content"}}"

The above content item does exist.

Thanks in advance.

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First, the error you're seeing is a bug:

BUG-000116405 : Portal for ArcGIS export site operation fails if the content directory path syntax utilizes forward slashes instead of back slashes

Update the content directory to use backslashes instead of forward slashes. Be sure to escape each backslash, ex:

C:\arcgisportal\content would be C:\\arcgisportal\\content

Next, if that item doesn't exist, you'll need to create the folder manually.

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Thank you for the quick response.

Changing the content folder to a local drive fixed that problem. Unfortunately the DR tool then reports the following: 

The configuration and base backup time in the current Web GIS
Portal: <snip> at 30/08/19 15:20
|-- Hosting Server: <snip> at 30/08/19 15:20
| |
| |-- Relational Data Store: <snip>
|-- Federated Server: <snip> at 30/08/19 15:20

Starting the backup process with the WebGIS DR utility.
The following ArcGIS Server has been backed up successfully: <snip>
The following ArcGIS Server has been backed up successfully: <snip>
Failed to back up the ArcGIS Data Store:
Url: <snip>
sleep interrupted

Cannot access the file D:\TempBackup\Portal\WebGISSite1567175445139\server\xy2huaz6eyuhbayp\30-August-2019-15-31-02-BST.agssite.

Exiting the WebGIS DR utility.

The above named file does not exist. Service accounts & backup user both have write access to destination folder.

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Sorry, what i meant was that the content directory in Portal should be modified to switch all forwrad slashes to double back slashes:

//<snip>/SiteConfig/Portal/arcgisportal/content should be changed to \\\\<snip>\\SiteConfig\\Portal\\arcgisportal\\content within Portaladmin:

Changing the portal content directory—Portal for ArcGIS (10.7 and 10.7.1) | ArcGIS Enterprise 

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I am having the same error.  Everything has been backing up just fine since August. But now today nothing will back up. I've also checked and I have the correct // in PortalAdmin.  I've checked permissions... everything seems fine.  Any other ideas on where I should investigate why this suddenly stopped working?

Thank you

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