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Viewer User Geocoding in Portal

06-05-2023 11:09 AM
Occasional Contributor

I have successfully tested a "Viewer" user geocoding a table of addresses in Portal for ArcGIS.  As a "Viewer" user-type cannot save content, I was wondering what is the nature of the geocoded layer that is added to the map?

Is it a temporary layer saved in browser memory?

Is the geocoded layer stored somewhere obscure in Portal or the Data Store?

Thanks for any insights you can provide!

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Esri Regular Contributor

What was the procedure used to geocode the table? Add item or drop the table on to the map?

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Regular Contributor

Also interested in this response, as it seems silly to give them the ability at the viewer level to geocode, but not save the results.

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Here is the process I used in Portal with a Viewer-type user.  Please note I'm using version 10.8.1 of Portal.

1. Open Map Viewer

2. Drag a CSV file to be geocoded onto the map.

3. Complete "Add CSV Layer" dialog window; this includes selecting a geocode service to use.

4. The geocoded addresses appear on the map.

I checked the Portal Admin logs, and nothing appeared related to this process. But the following URLs appeared in Network tab in Dev Tools of my browser:






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Esri Regular Contributor

@PatrickMcKinney99 Thank you for providing the workflow you are using. It took a bit for me to find the name, but when you add a csv directly to the map, like in your workflow a feature collection layer is created in the map. These type of layers are only stored in the map and cannot be shared outside of the map. It is the generate request that creates it.


Viewer role:

Viewer—View items such as maps, apps, demographics, and elevation analysis layers that have been shared by other ArcGIS users. Those assigned the Viewer role can join groups owned by the organization, as well as use geocoding, geosearch, and network analysis (routing and directions). Members assigned the Viewer role cannot create or share content or perform analysis or data enrichment.

I hope this information helps.


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