Using Python 3 Runtime in ArcGIS Enterprise

08-05-2019 07:28 PM
Occasional Contributor

Hi Everyone,

I am collecting user experience about using Python 3 in your ArcGIS Enterprise, any feedback, benefits/challenge/expectation is welcomed, for example: 

1.  We have deployed python 3 runtime to our ArcGIS server, to support our scripts for ArcGIS Pro.

     Got benefits/challenges etc. 

2. We are planning to use python 3 to solve our issues, we have a batch of customized GP services using python 2 need to be migrated. 

3. We have python 2 scripts that can't be replaced by/not necessary to use python 3.

4. We have no plan to use ArcGIS Pro at all, will stay in ArcMap forever.



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