Using PGloader to load sqlite file into SDE

08-23-2016 01:21 AM
New Contributor

Is there anyone that has tried to use PGloader to load SQLite databases into SDE?

Currently we are facing really slow loading times for one of our fgdb's which contain many to many relationship classes. Loading these into SDE with featureclass to featureclass takes about 30 hours to complete (about 60 mi+ rows). This is a known issue and cannot be fixed because each relationship must be checked before inserting into the database. However 30 hours is too long for us, since we want to update this particular database nightly.

So that's why i'm looking into PGloader. This tool promises much faster loading times using the stream copy capability of postgresql. So my question is whether someone has tried this approach themselves.

My current research has lead me to the following conclusions:
- SQLite database should contain the ST_geometry column, not the geometryblob default.

- (not sure) postgres/sde triggers should be disabled on the specific schema that I'm modifying

- SQLite database should only contain valid featureclasses, so the QA process should contain that.

I'm also interested in other methods of loading data into SDE, so any other hints are more then welcome.

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