Using ArcGIS Server Standard 10.5.1 License to Authorize 10.3.1

04-01-2021 08:25 AM
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Dear all:

I have to perform an upgrade into an application, spanning several major and minor releases upgrades.

The different versions use to different ArcGIS Server releases 10.3.1 and the last step of my upgrade uses 10.5.1.

I wanted to validate if it would be possible to use a 10.5.1 license to authorize both the intermediate 10.3.1 and then the final 10.5.1.

It make no sense to buy two different licenses of the same software on different versions, where one of them will be only used for one day to upgrade to my final application major/minor release.

Has anyone tried this?


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Hi @RomanValoria1, if you maintenance is up to date up to 10.5.1 you will have the license available under

I know you can authorize a 10.4.1 with a 10.5.1 so it might be possible with the 10.3.1 as well.

Hope it helps


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