Using a custom elevation layer in the web viewer locks it up

03-11-2019 10:43 AM
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As the title says, when loading the layer, the page turns white and becomes unresponsive (throws a browser notification eventually). Here are my processing steps:

  • Data source: 1km² TIF with 1m raster size

GP: Manage Tile Cache

  • Recreate all tiles
  • ArcGIS Online scheme
  • Scales 4.7, 2.4; 1.2;0.6

GP: Export Tile Cache

  • As Tile package
  • Scales see above

Result: ~1.5mb tpk file, which I upload through the web interface, and create a Tile Layer (hosted). So far everything seems fine, but when I open the layer in the Scene Viewer, the viewer locks up. I can open the layer in the map viewer instantly, however.

The steps were taken from Creating and Using Elevation Layers in ArcGIS Online & ArcGIS Pro 

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