User needs to be able to create feature classes and edits

02-26-2016 05:00 PM
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I have the opposite problem from Randall

I used Add User tool' in ArcCatalog to add a user,  but the user has not been able to create a new feature class or edit.  I used ArcCatalog >Manage> Privileges to also add all I can for this user to the particular feature data set he is working in, but apparently it is not enough.   I'm using Arc 10.3.1, SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, and OS authentication.

Is there a way with OS authentication that I can make a database connection with the users credentials so I can test how the database is working for him?

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There are two types of users tools in ArcCatalog
1. create ROLE - this tool comes up if you type "add user" in the search box. This is to add a conventional user that has rights to edit data.

2.  If you just type the word "User in the search window (by this I mean in arccatalog under the window
      at the top tool menu --> search) It comes back with a tool called Create DATABASE User. Note
      if you read Randall's post he was using the Create DATABASE user tool. If you read the description
     for this tool it says ..... user with privileges sufficient to create data. Notice in the toolbox
     it is under. Notice it is under geodatabase_administration.  

toolboxes\system toolboxes\data management tools.tbx\geodatabase administration\create database user
   Thus this is the tool you need to use in order to create a user that is to be able to create any new
    feature class (or table) or even modify structure (add or delete columns)
     However this is a database login NOT a windows authentication login.
    So you would have to create a login called giseditor or the like... (most people just use gis) and
    give it one specific password that the person would have to use instead of windows authentication
   when they make a arccatalog connection.


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My first step was to add a Windows account on the server, then used Create Database User to use this Windows authentication which looked like it added lots of privileges by default, but when that wouldn't work for editing, I used Manage > Privileges to add everything to the feature data set. This is my first installation since 9.3.1, and my first to try to use OS authentication, rather than Database authentication. So I guess what you are saying is the is no way for me to keep this simple for this user and just let him do what he wants under his Windows Login.  I'll have to make a separate database user to do editing, and have the user make a new geodatabase connection in ArcCatalog to use when editing and adding new feature classes? And he will have to use Desktop 10.3.1 to edit, 10.2 won't work?

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The DBA added the user as a database owner in SQL.  Now the user reports he is is unable to add a new FC within an existing feature dataset(must be the owner error message), but he can create a new feature dataset,  then create feature classes within that. So I use I still need to tweak or create a role or run the Create User tool.

Update: The SQL DBA used ArcCatalog to delete the feature dataset that the user couldn't edit or append, and recreated it, loading it with the same data from outside the Enterprise gdb that I had imported.  Now the user is able to edit, append, and is satisfied for now.  Was this problem caused because I created the egdb with my login as owner and imported the feature datasets before I added any other user account as owner also?

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