Update symbology automatically when I add new unique values

02-08-2022 01:21 PM
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I have a dashboard that is connected to Survey123, the issue I currently run into is when I add a new unique value through Survey123 to be displayed on my dashboard, it doesn't automatically show up, I will have to manually go to the webmap's symbology tab and symbolize it so it shows up in my dashboard, is there a way where new unique values can be symbolized automatically and be displayed on the map?

Another inconvenience I run into is selecting any colour ramps, it seems that there's not a lot of different colours so some of my unique values will be symbolized with the same colours.

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With that many symbol classes, you'll have trouble finding any color ramp that makes the features easily discernible - especially if there's going to be more. Have you thought about using labels instead?

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