Update Data Source from referenced Map Service

11-15-2021 06:57 AM
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I published a referenced MapService with data from a File Geodatabase in a registered Network Folder.

Now, our IT is planing to rename the Network path!

Is overwrite the Service from ArcGIS Pro the only solution?

I tried to update the registered Folder on the Hosting Server and changed the File Geodatabase path in the manifest.json on the Server. But it dont work...

Any Ideas???

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To my knowledge the best solution is to take down and republish the service. I have received guidance from ESRI that this is best practice wherever possible. Overwriting a server can at times cause odd behavior. 

The reason for this is the service definition that is published when the service goes up to the server. There are ways to update the service definition. But, if it were me I would republish. 

Out of curiosity are there a quite a few services referencing this registered folder?

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Thanks for the answer, 

but when I republish the service the Item-ID is changing and I must rebuild the Apps with this services!

And yes, this is a folder with many fgdb and many referenced services use this folder.... 

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