unfederate server without portal

06-26-2017 11:21 PM
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The machine which host Portal was retired directly without any operation, and the machine cannot be restarted due to some technical issue, which means, the portal is not exist at all, we can’t open Portal no matter which way.

However, the ArcGIS for Server is still federaed with Portal, we can’t open it since it still requires Portal’s credentials.

So is there any way we could unfederate the Server from Portal(which cannot be opened now), and login Server with Server’s credentials?

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What version of ArcGIS Server are you using?

Just have a few queries. What happens when you

1. Login to ArcGIS Server Manager using Primary Site Administrator of ArcGIS Server?

2. Are you able to change the authentication mechanism from from "Web Tier Authentication" to "ArcGIS Server Authentication"? You could try changing the authentication mechanism from http://server:6080/arcgis/admin (replace "server" with the hostname of ArcGIS Server machne). Configuring ArcGIS Server's authentication tier—ArcGIS Server Administration (Linux) | ArcGIS Enterp... 

3. What happens if you login to ArcGIS Server with a Built-in user of ArcGIS Server, if available?

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Thank you for your info.

The server manager page keep loading all the time, I can't open it at all:)

After configure server's authentication tier to gis_server, is it possible to re-federate server with other portal?

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Hi Kevin,

Log into the ArcGIS Server Administrator directory as the Primary Site Administrator


Once logged in navigate to Security > Config > Update.  Change the Authentication Tier from ARCGIS_PORTAL to GIS SERVER:

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Yeah, that's the way I used which solve the issue. And I can also refederate Server with a new Portal.

Thanks very much for you info.

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