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Understanding Hosted Service Performance

08-16-2020 11:36 AM
by Anonymous User
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We are observing *errors* or a *delay* intermittently when queries are made using the feature layer API through our ArcGIS server.

It appears that the ArcGIS server intermittently needs to "cold start" our hosted services -- as if it was a traditional service that wasn't running.

How are hosted services implemented?  Are they also served from arcsoc processes?  If we add cores to our hosting server, will more arcsoc processes automatically be generated?  Is there any setting we can use to spawn more arcsoc processes (and take more memory) to eliminate "cold starts" of hosted services?

Currently, we've got a single ArcGIS hosting server (4 cores, 16GB) federated with our Portal.

We have about 30 active feature services backed by the Spatiotemporal Big Data Store (registered with the hosting server).  Each of these feature services receives *live* data from our GeoEvent server (writing via the API), and may be powering any number of operations dashboards (reading via the API).

When we load an operations dashboard, we can watch the API calls to the feature services in our browser developer console -- it is here we can see delays and errors (e.g., "500").

Thanks for any insights!

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Esri Contributor

Hi Donovan Artz‌,

Similar to your other questions , check out the resource on understanding shared instances, see Introducing shared instances in ArcGIS Server. After going through this have a look at your settings surrounding Pooling and Processors Overview of geoprocessing service settings—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise . This should give you a better insight into what is going on and potenially you will be able to adjust the settings for adjusting the min/max number of instances and pooling for services to meet the requirements of your organiation. Hope this helps. 



by Anonymous User
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Hello Shane Miles,

Thanks so much your reply!

Do you know how or if the 'arcsoc' processes and the shared instance pool works with hosted feature services (service from the ArcGIS relational and spatiotemporal big data stores)?

We played with the shared instances, and watched the 'arcsoc' processes jump up...but our hosted feature services continued to perform the same way (continuous "cold starts").

According to Configure service instance settings—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise :

  • Only map services published from ArcGIS Pro can be configured to use the shared instance pool. Other service types, such as geoprocessing services, are not supported.

Likewise I wish I could apply "Pooling and Processors" settings to our hosted feature services, but again, this doesn't seem to apply to our data.

Thanks so much for your time in sharing your wisdom linking the docs!


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