Unable to generate token for second ArcGIS Server instance added to an ArcGIS Server site

03-30-2020 06:58 AM
by Anonymous User
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I've created a 3-tiered deployment of ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 on Azure VMs (actually, it's 4-tiered if you count adaptor).

The following configuration is working correctly:

Web Adaptor (Portal) --> Portal --> Server --> Data Store

Next, I've added a second Server machine to my ArcGIS Server site. This all seems to work fine, except that when I attempt to log in to ArcGIS Server Manager on the second Server machine, the login hangs on the "Please wait..." progress dialog.

Looking at the network calls, the call to generate token:


responds with code 200, but the response payload is:

        "message":"Unable to generate token",
        "details":["Unable to generate token for this server"]

This call returns as expected for the original Server machine.

So, why can't I get a token for this new machine?

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Hi Jonathan,

I think this may be an issue when you use port 6443 for the Administration URL during federation.  It's recommended to use the Web Adaptor URL when you have a multimachine site:

Federate an ArcGIS Server site with your portal—Portal for ArcGIS (10.7 and 10.7.1) | Documentation ... 

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by Anonymous User
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Thanks Jake Skinner‌ and Jonathan Quinn‌ for your responses.

Now, I can't access the server manager using the local address from either server machine -- both machines now get stuck on "Please Wait...". Which is fine, I suppose, but is the implication that multi-machine ArcGIS Server site that's federated with Portal can only be administered through the Web Adaptor?

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