Unable to add fields to Hosted feature Service using REST call

04-16-2018 11:56 AM
New Contributor

am new developer to ESRI AGOL,

I am able to

1) Upload ShapeFile

2) Publish ShapeFile as a HostedService

Now I need to add few extra fields to the featureService layer.

I tried to post fields collection to

/addToDefinition end point,

response is Success, but when I check the featureService layer in AGOL portal, I do not see the newly added fields

Any suggestions please

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Any Suggestions please? Bumping it

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Perhaps you got the syntax of /addToDefinition wrong and the field should be somehow differently nested in your JSON payload? Different array/attribute name. Deeper in the payload tree etc?

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Can you tell me a little bit more about your workflow? 

What does the JSON you're using in the addToDefinition look like?

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