Tile Layer Stuck Building Cache

12-09-2022 06:41 AM
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I have an issue with a Tile Layer that is stuck trying to build a cache.  Here's some background:  published a tile layer about a month ago and proceeded to build the cache manually.  I knew the process was going to take a bit of time, but it was smooth sailing until I began working on level 23, scale 1:70.53.  I would run Manage Map Server Cache Tiles tool and it would crash with the 99999 error, some of that might have been due to a server rebooting.  Or sometimes I would have to manually stop the build to kill a schema lock.  But now I am in a situation where the server is stuck on trying to build on level 23, even though no processes are running.  In fact, I have restarted both the service for ArcGIS Server and even rebooted the hosting machine and it is still showing as Building Cache. 



How can I stop this process??

Also, why can't I do any manipulation to the services (eg. starting/stopping) in ArcGIS Pro?  It used to be a simple exercise in ArcMap but now it seems like manager must be used; but even then the options to start/stop the service is grayed out...

For reference our enterprise environment is at version 10.9.1 and we have separate servers for both ArcGIS Server and Portal.

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Small update since my original post on Friday.  The cache status is still showing a progress bar like it's being built.  This is after having both our ArcGIS Server and Portal servers rebooted a couple of times, as we had a few updates and patches applied.

One item I did try was to run the Manage Map Server Cache Status tool in ArcGIS Pro, hoping it would refresh the system.  But alas I was not able to get that tool to the run because of Error 001223: The service is stopped.  Honestly, not sure why it is throwing this error because I am not even given an option to stop the service.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Perhaps this is a bug in 10.9.1 enterprise?



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