This site is inaccessible localhost does not allow connection.ARCGIS SERVER MANAGER

02-20-2024 06:52 AM
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Can someone  help me i am having some difficulty upgrading my ArcGIS SERVER from 10.9.1 to 11.2 when i finished licencing the web page to configure and upgrade manager showed me this error localhost does not authorize the connection 



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It may be ArcGIS Server isn't listening anymore on the non-TLS port 6080, try an HTTPS connection on 6443.

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Hi JoshuaBixby, 

Thanks for your responsed but i try this solution there ar the same error



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@Serigne_MomarThiam , are you seeing ArcSOC.exe in task manager if not then your server might be down, otherwise just have a look if you have a proxy configured and add the https://yoururl:6443/arcgis as a exception 




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It looks like it could be a corrupted server.xml file, which means the internal web server of ArcGIS Server no longer understands how to listen for web traffic over 6443 (and 6080 also fails). Take a look at this support article for details on how to fix the corruption issue 

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You should also maybe check that the install actually created or re-created the windows service ArcGISServer.exe . . .  my upgrade from 11.1 to 11.2 attempt did not do so on our Windows Server 2016 platform.

We are using this as an opportunity to move to Windows Server 2022 for our deployment before attempting the upgrade again.

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