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Syncing Web Map font from Pro to Web App

06-02-2020 11:13 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I'm going to try and explain my question as best as I can...

I always have my Web Maps synced into Pro from Portal just for easy access. I am aware that there are really no font customization options in Web Maps so I've always been told to make my Web Maps how I want them in Pro, then share to Enterprise.

I was in a rush to set up a web app and just pulled in our roads layer and the fonts are just awful in the Web App, you can't even read them. I tried to modify them in Pro (in the synced Web Map) and then click "Update" on the synced Web Map, and all it does is revert my web map font styles back to what is set in Enterprise.

How do I do this in the easiest way possible?

I'm afraid to overwrite the entire web map, I don't want to lose anything.

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