Sync excel edits to enterprise?

07-20-2017 08:20 AM
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Is it possible to link an excel spreadsheet, that is frequently updated, to a feature class related table in sde? How can I auto-sync frequent edits in an excel table that is connected to a related table and feature class in enterprise? Thanks!

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This will likely need to be done through some scripting or other third party tools.  This thread goes into some techniques: 

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Not entirely wouldn't be able to add rows to the excel table as you'd have to also figure out how to add a new objectid to each row.....which you could do if you were calling the SP that fired the new OID generation. This would be easier if you created a new table in SQL as the "back-end" for your excel table, and used triggers or SP's to accomplish the marriage with your SDE table. 

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