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Symbology of a feature service layer from bulk publishing

04-05-2023 05:14 AM
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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to use ArcGIS enterprise with enterprise geodatabase (versionning, bulk publish in portal). To do that, first I have import the sde configuration file to ArcGIS Portal and then, I follow the procedure to publish all the layers of the database into a bulk process.

I'm using ArcGIS Pro to edit and draw maps but I would like to create specific maps in ArcGIS Portal with some feature layers. Unfortunately, when I open the feature layers into a new map, the symbology defined in ArcGIS Pro is not saved. Is there a possibility to export this symbology so during the bulk publish the symbology is not forgotten ? Or should I simply make the maps into ArcGIS Pro and then published the map ?

Which approach is the best ? For some maps, reading would be enough but for others, I would need to edit the layers.

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We actually abandoned the bulk-publish method for this reason. What I wound up doing was creating an ArcPro project with a separate map for each relevant layer and then publishing from those maps to the federated server, preserving the Pro symbology. I don't know if that's the most efficient way to do it, but there it is. If your symbology is relatively simple (ie re-creatable online) then maybe it's possible to add one of your bulk published layers to a web map, edit the symbology, and then save the layer as a feature layer in your Enterprise? I know ESRI suggested this as a "best practice" over using REST endpoints in this blog so you could try that. I'm dubious of how "best" it is since you'd essentially be duplicating a bunch of Portal items but if you're confident in your Enterprise organization folder structure it could be worth a look.

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Thanks for your answer,
Ok, I will try this and read the blog article.

Anyway, if the bulk-publish method isn't efficient, how can I publish all the layers from an geodatabase enterprise ?

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You can edit the 'default' symbology of a feature service in ArcGIS Portal/Pro after an item is bulk-published.  

In Portal, the 'visualization' tab will determine the items' default symbology.  This will only be editable by an admin or high-level user.  Changing the visualization essentially defines the symbology as a service definition. 

In Pro, you can drag the item to your map.  Edit the symbology there as needed (this should carry over back to the source as viewed in Portal).  You can import symbology in Pro via LYR files and whatnot, and assign that to your feature service.  

This same method won't work with map image layers.    

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