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11-25-2020 02:37 PM
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Thank you for taking the time to help us out.

  1. Q: What is ESRI's suggested reboot frequencies for HA servers?
  2. Q: On what reboot cycles are ESRI's external and internal servers?


We have ArcGIS enterprise servers serving national extent data layers for users across the country.  Our IT and GIS staff are working together to optimize the services for performance.  

We had requested our hardware /IT support to put our DEV servers on a daily reboot schedule and they were not interested.  They do not want to restart the servers and want to study underlying issues.

Following are the considerations:

  1. We have national extent vector and raster layers shared with our internal and external clients.
  2. We have optimized rendering of the services using industry suggested scale dependent display for vector and raster layers.
  3. We can comfortably declare that no prospects of infinite loop errors due to any bad coding practice - for the IT staff to say that underlying issue should be addressed. 
    1. if there are underlying issues, we would have identified them and would have got ESRI support or Microsoft's elevated support to identify work around steps.
  4. We are also using ESRI suggested optimized techniques for server performance.

In the past, DEV server was accessed by many users from a web based application and we had to make special requests to place those servers on a nightly reboot schedule.

Now ITS is refusing to place these servers on any kind of reboot schedule and would want to manually restart as discussed in this thread by some other ESRI user:

Do ESRI staff agree with user @jorisfrenkel  's suggestion of rebooting the servers once a week (~4 times or less a month): 

thank you for your support.

If I get some more thoughts, I would be adding to threads myself.


Ravi Kaushika


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I'm a bit confused; are you finding that performance of the ArcGIS Server services suffers if the machines are not rebooted?

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@JonathanQuinn , good afternoon.   thank you for the prompt reply. 

  1. Our REST and imagery services are used by field staff members across the country and extent of the layers are nation wide.
  2. Our users might not be worldwide like ESRI, but substantial.  We have field offices in almost every county of the US (~3000+ offices).

I cannot prove the performance of the services are degraded because servers are not rebooted.  But I am forced to believe that memory leaks do degrade the performance of the servers - otherwise, reboots are NEVER needed and NEVER should be done.

If nothing else, can ESRI prod team share how often they reboot their servers. I can at least use that as a justification to request a periodic reboot.

I also understand that AGS 10.7.x (or 10.8) performs better than 10.5.1 in which I had great problems. I also understand that Win servers are much better these days - but I cannot agree a reboot is never needed.

thank you for promptly replying.  have a nice day.


ravi kaushika.


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