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Strategies to efficiently search enterprise data pool based on search term

05-25-2022 03:20 AM
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I have a more general question.

At some point I have all my geodata and more connected to my Portal for ArcGIS and I could imagine that searching for data is one of the most important tasks for many organizations.

With Portal I can easily search for portal items but what users really need is to search for specific data or features.

Are there any good approaches for a portal based centralized search engine on the data itself?

If not I would try to solve it in a 2 step process. First let user select from a list of categories/topics based on my portal item tags. Then use the items REST query functionality (if supported) to search for distinct features. This can be done async if I have to search over multiple datasets. Would that be an adequate solution?

What if I have a lot and really large content?

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When you publish services this is were putting in good tags becomes important.

When users search for data those tags will get hit.

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Hi @RobertBorchert,

thx for the reply. Maybe I was not clear enougth. I know I can set tags to search for services and datasets in the portal but my question is about searching the data itself, the datasets attributes and datasets behind the services.

My question is, how do large organizations with a lot of data implement an efficient search over their complete data pool? The portal itself doesn't seem to provide such a feature. Are there any Esri solutions for searching data?

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