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SQLITE files being created

08-23-2023 02:37 AM
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Have noticed in our Enterprise setup a large number of .sqlite files being created and causing downtime on our portal and apps. We have a script running to clear these down every night but some files being created during the day are over 8gb and a number of these cause issues before the script runs. 

Is there a way to pinpoint the generation of these sqlite files and reduce their impact?



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Hello @CiarainSheridan ,

In order to have a better understanding of this, could you please share the following details:

  • What is the version of ArcGIS Enterprise you are working with?
  • What is the location where the files are being created?
  • Is it possible for you share one of these sqllite files for running a check?

There are multiple things where these could be being utilized but would require some troubleshooting.


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