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02-04-2016 08:24 AM
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I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the size (i.e. GB, MB, KB, etc.) for a particular feature class and/or relationship class with a enterprise geodatabase?

I am currently putting together a database architecture document and I was wanting to know the size in GB and/or MB of a feature class. I also have attachments related to some feature classes and I wanted to know the total size in GB and/or MB for those 'Blobs.'


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This question has been asked before, but the answer hasn't really changed -- It's very difficult to distinguish between the bytes used in tables and the bytes used in blocks that are assigned for use in tables, and the bytes reserved in containers because of the blocks assigned to tables, which makes determining absolute storage a much less absolute exercise.  It's possible to hunt down the information, but it requires a great deal of patience and a detailed knowledge of how the geodatabase is implemented on your database platform.

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This is an old thread but I think that it would be helpful for this question to be addressed a little more clearly.

For example, I want to publish a feature class to ArcGIS Online but I would first like to know how large my service would be before it is published (so that I do not eat up too many credits and so that I have an idea of how long it will take to upload and publish). I cannot do this without first publishing my layer and then checking the size. It seems kind of backwards...

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I agree. It seems like this would be a good addition to the analyze function in ArcPro that runs before a layer is published/shared on AGOL or portal. You don't find out the file size until it's been published and either does or doesn't take a chunk of meat out of your credits 🙂 I wonder if there's a difference in file size between a feature class in a GDB and a hosted feature service on AGOL.




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I'd like to know the same information for the same reason: how many AGO credits could this feature class eat up? Below is a screenshot of a FGDB feature class from ArcCatalog. Is this available in Pro? If not, I'll add it to the ArcGIS Ideas. 


I'm not an expert on databases, but I understand that many RDBMS's will pre-allocate space for database contents, as Vince mentioned above. Then as features/rows are updated or deleted, the size of the data doesn't really shrink until something like 'vacuum' in Postgres is run to clean out 'dead' rows. So I can appreciate why that would be a difficult question to answer for enterprise (SDE) geodatabases. But it would be nice to have this functionality for FGDB's.

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This size of FGDB feature classes can be viewed In ArcGIS Pro using the catalog view.  See the two links below on how to access catalog views and how they can differ from the the catalog pane.

Catalog pane, catalog views, and browse dialog boxes 

Open a catalog view

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Jared, thanks for pointing that out. How long has that "size" column been there? This is nice to know!

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Thank you for the update, Jared. And thanks for listening, ESRI. 

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