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Severe Server Log Message 'Failed to return the service configuration'

02-06-2020 10:03 AM
New Contributor II

In ArcGIS Server Manager we are receiving some severe log messages that say "Failed to return the service configuration 'XXX'. Server machine 'XXX' returned an error. 'Item does not exist or is inaccessible.'

Can anyone help explain or trace why we would recieve this message and what we could do to fix it?

Thank you!

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Esri Contributor

Ben Turrell‌ have you ever encountered this issue?

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Occasional Contributor III

Shane Miles‌, Lauren Rogers‌,

Have you checked the permissions on the Arcgis portal folder? Sounds like it may not have the correct permissions set.



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New Contributor III

Was this ever resolved? I am encountering the same issue. I checked the ArcGIS portal folder for the correct permissions.

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