Setting Sharing in Manager created duplicate Portal Items

09-26-2017 08:30 AM
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I have a reproducible scenario that is causing duplicate Portal items to be created for services published to a Federated ArcGIS server.  All software is running version 10.5 and the ArcGIS Server site is a multi-machine site with two machines. The ArcGIS Server config-store and directories are on a network drive references by a UNC path.  The ArcGIS Server processes both run under the same domain account and I have verified that the file system permissions on the network storage are appropriate.

Here are the steps taken along with a description of the intermediate errors and effects:

  1. Publish a new service with Map and Feature services enabled.  The data is backed by an Enterprise Geodatabase properly registered as a Database Data Store in ArcGIS Server. The publishing process has been giving intermittent failures stating that an intermediate folder cannot be deleted from the config-store.
    Error when publishing a new service. Service can be started manually.
  2. After starting the service manually, it appears to the running normally.
    Service running after manual startup
  3. The Map Service and Feature Service appear as Portal Items under the named user credentials that were used to publish the services, as expected. The Item IDs are
      • Map Service: 0c77d43a865246e0b4d049284a373e87
      • Feature Service: e20bb117f0a54d64b924b878a0f5c7a2
        These items have been placed in a folder named 'Services'
    Portal Items created from publishing the services to the Federated Site
  4. Next, I share the two items with my Organization via the Portal Share dialog
    Share services with the Organization   
  5. Now is where we begin to see errors.  If I go back to the ArcGIS Server Manager appliction and open up the Sharing dialog in the Manage Services page, the sharing that I set in Portal does not show up.

    Further, if I capture the REST response from Manager to Portal for the URL

    I see a JSON response of

    {"error":{"code":400,"messageCode":"CONT_0005","message":"Item does not exist in this folder.","details":[]}}
    Share settings not shown in Manager

  6. Clearly there is a problem at this point.  But, if I continue and try to set the sharing in Manager to share the services with my Organizations, I end up with three new items in Portal and the original service Items remain in Portal as well.
    New Portal Items created after changing sharing in Manager
  7. The report endpoint in Manager not identified these two new items as the Portal items associated with the service.  Also, changing the sharing in Portal is properly reflected in Manager.

The biggest issue I have at the moment is that there is a lot of content that needs to be repairs because the original service items no longer map to the portal Items that ArcGIS Server believes represent the services, so users get errors trying to add these old items to their Web Maps.

This issue just started happening in the past week, so I am assuming some sort of corruption or misconfiguration was introduced. Restarting the ArcGIS Server services and the Portal service has had no effect.  Absent any advice from this forum, my next attempt to resolve the issue is to remove each ArcGIS Server from the Site and then re-add it, hoping that will reinitialize whatever if causing the issue.


I have seen other reports of CONT_0005 error, but they all seemed to be related to republishing service via ArcPy without setting the sddraft to Replacement mode.

Any and all advice is appreciated.


It appears that this issue I've run into is documented as a series of BUGs in 10.5 that were fixed in 10.5.1. Other than keeping Portal Service Items out of Portal folders in the short-term, upgrading appears to be the correct fix.

List of relevant Manager bugs

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Hello, did you find a solution for this issue? I have the same problem on 10.5.1

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Yes, we worked around the issue by moving all of the Service Items into the root of the Named User that owned the service, instead of placing them in Portal folders.

We could still publish the services into ArcGIS Server Folders, but the corresponding Portal Item needed to be in the root of the Named User's My Content page.

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For what its worth I think some form of these bugs still exist in 10.5.1.  In our case services appeared to be shared to Everyone but in reality were not.   We use IWA which may play a role, not sure.  Next time it surfaces I'll try some of these suggestions. 


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