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Service Access For A Client

01-10-2018 08:55 AM
New Contributor

I need to provide access to a feature service running to one of our clients. They've requested access to a rest endpoint but, due to the nature of some of the other data on this server, I can't enable the services directory for them. Does anyone have a good way to supply service access without using rest?

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Esri Regular Contributor

I'd like to be sure I understand the requirement here.

I understand that you've disabled the services directory, but that only disables the HTML representation that a user can access in order to perform operations against a web service via a browser. It doesn't prevent clients from communicating with the resource via text/JSON.

Given the nature of the services, could you potentially enable the services directory, secure all of the services, and provide a specific user to the client to access this single web service? Given the sensitivity you mention, I'd expect that most of those services are secured regardless.

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Another way is to use folders in ArcGIS Server.  For example have a folder called internal and have your admins lock it down, or lock down those services rather.   Then have a folder called external and have that opened to the public.   This prevents the client from having to use authentication.

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