SDE PG Slow Connection Times

03-06-2019 05:54 PM
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Hey Folks, I am experiecing slow connection times from local to server for SDE.

So I ran SDEINTERCEPT, reviewed logfile and determined there are two functions that are taking the most time.

  • RegistrationGetList : 29 seconds
  • GetAllFeatureTypes: 26 seconds

But when I review the SDEIntercept, I have no clue what those commands mean or how to increase performance time.

I did the following

  • checked connection speeds. I am on 150GB down/up fibre optic. The server has 1GB down/up. Connection should not be an issue
  • rebuilt indexes (in Postgres) - this helped
  • analyze datasets - update statistics (VIA Arcpy)
  • compress database

I am lost, any help would be greatly appreciated,


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If I remember correctly, those commands are only when the first connection from your client (ArcGIS Pro) is made. It is basically indexing all the tables and spatial types to show in the connection tree.

How may tables (spatial and non) are in the DB?

Are all of them registered with the Enterprise Geodatabase?

--- George T.
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I had a case on this very topic. However it was with M$SQL. The only path is to open a case with TS, they have some witch-magic SQL/SD diag tools that I cannot begin to explain how to use.