Error 001487: Failed to update the published service with the server-side data location.

03-07-2019 06:31 PM
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Environment : ArcMap 10.4 and 10.5

Possible Reason: Before it runs normally only after I create another geodatabase on the existed SQLServer instance.

All the features of the new created GDB has this issue when publishing while the features in the older GDB has no.

I tried the methods  Tanu Hoque suggested .The original link is

This method can help me to publish the service. It still has problem if I share the layer to public. Even if it shared to everyone it sitll require logged in by Portal. I have searched many guys met the publish problem so expect ESRI to solve it soon.

Overall steps:

  1. Create an msd
  2. Use ArcGIS Server Admin site to create a map service using the msd



To create an msd:

  • you can use arcpy.mapping.ConvertToMSD() function, OR
  • in ArcMap, open 'Customize' window from 'Customize | Customize Mode... menu item'
  • switch to 'Commands' tab
  • select 'Map Service Publishing' from 'Categories' list box.
  • from 'Commands' list box on the right, drag and drop 'Save Map Service Definition...' on to an existing toolbar
  • Close
  • use the newly added 'Save Map Service Definition' tool to create a msd and save it some place where ArcGIS Server Account has access to.


Publish a map service from ArcGIS Server Admin site:

  • Browse to http://yourServerMachine:6080/arcgis/admin/services/createService
  • Read the API Reference help on 'createService' operation. There should be a json that you can use as a boilerplate.
  • Make necessary changes in the boilerplate json.
    Most important ones are: name of the service, path to the msd etc.
  • paste the json in the only textbox available on the 'createService' operation page
  • click on 'Create'
  • once that is done successfully, and if the service is not started yet, you can use Admin Site or Manager to start the newly created service.
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