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sddraft issue

10-04-2017 10:01 AM
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We are trying to automate some publishing tasks. We have to publish most of the time Map and Feature services in ArcGIS Server. Our idea is to make two sddraft templates. One with our settings for services that just has the mapping capability and another one that has both map and feature access capabilities. We generated the sddraft through the Service Editor wizard in ArcMAP. In a high level overview the script will follow this workflow:

1 - Open a MXD;

2 - Change some definition queries;

3 - Save a MXD;

4 - Open the sddratf template and change only tags and item descripiton;

5 - Save the new sddraft;

6 - Stage and upload the sd file.

Our concern is regarding some ID tags that we have found on sddraft.

Would be nice to publish the services using the same ID, since we are using a sddraft as template?

Does this ID make a difference during the publishing process?

is there a sddraft specification?

below the ID tags:

<Resources xsi:type="typens:ArrayOfSVCResource">
      <SVCResource xsi:type="typens:SVCResource">


<Configurations xsi:type="typens:ArrayOfSVCConfiguration">
      <SVCConfiguration xsi:type="typens:SVCConfiguration">
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