Scene Viewer: CAN'T IDENTIFY ELEVATION on a point location...?

07-02-2020 06:33 AM
New Contributor II

Why is not possible to identify elevation from terrain in  AGOL or PORTAL SCENE VIEWER or in any other web app template that support 3d scene ??????

The analysis/measure tool offer linear, area, vertical, planar measurement BUT I CAN'T  KNOW  a POINT ELEVATION  SIMPLY CLICKING ON THE TERRAIN MODEL.....?????

With  linear distance tool a dynamic countour line appears on the terrain but no elevation  info are associated  to this graphic object : it is  nice to see... but without info  is useless..

THIS IS THE MOST BASIC OPERATION on a 3D TERRAIN MODEL USE....? why it is so difficult?

 I can't really understand .. 

This is my second attempt to ask help in few monts...

maybe I'm wrong  but I' d  really appreciate a feedback from Esri Staff or other user to understand ow to solve.

thank you very much 


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