Rest URL case sensitive after upgrading ArcGIS Server to 10.5.1

11-17-2017 02:22 PM
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I upgraded my ArcGIS serve from 10.3.1 to 10.5.1 when I change the case on my rest URL against the 10.5.1 server, I get back a bunch of gibberish.

For example, the following URL works just fine and gives me a list of services in one of my 10.3.1 environments.


However, when I use the same URL against my 10.5.1 environment, I get back something similar to the following...

� �W[��8 ~_i�� �j�� � 3�$ � ��A�l��T9� qq��6�T���8!4 2� C ��s����al A K� �����0  ��p#���" 5 tH  r O $V � e*�sM hC�a� 4a<m z;d�p m6 t ` b6 ���="" � �e��@_��\0� �5 m�:�n��@0�]g�a�yn��q� ��\����ܑ="" Ɠ ���ݑ �  @�k�="" 0rm�x n_g��s�q| � �m���� �&:{ ª�rˠ;�w�;5���s�� ;="" )c����!�\@�����;�p`����j�;���i٪� �� fd��="�+ty����k ף���㽕"  z�����g��uݐg9z��bj��u="" style="color: #000000; font-weight: normal;">t���Y1�1�1����q�/>&� � �Y%�S R3�M�� � =�N�-D� �1 kJX�a>F5O��쫖��w��OOO��!k  �x����'�ƽj�� �B�*�V�Ls�}�b�� �| ��L dH}��i�v-[Q/ �9�ɵ�&S<5�Lҁ݌)��:{]���Z���v   c �5� �� �@ٸ�7 0��ʖ �ߠ"�}�u2j���_� R��\��F ��U���uri����ef �9���B/�L*��J~� 4j ;� �4'5$Nq.ݤx� AKHa�6(u� qЅ_�� ����� �_� n�-���  R|� ���d|��Q��� �e\���€B�S���d�YJ~ r�A � � ��;��?����C��:X��&e Y��t� � �B.�w���{�ؽc`�4c�  �U3��c`�6c�  �ߌ�? �Y3��1�ϛ�ϟ�m�� ے ���8YK��'b� �+ ��<�F�R� \1e�=1{����O�  0T��գ�F? ��h2�2�8 _��C' �C�_� � � $�BƸ ������,�� ����� �*o�� w s b+��R�=��� �� <Ԡ�4��7�qۜ6u �� �n�p�]���foV�� b�b@E�ގ��ʽ�������=�~�4�q��z�Wi�~� � �v % �_*l r'o ��d�2�b�G+�4�m q�?(�9. 

Changing the URL to the following works fine in my 10.5.1 environment.



Is this due to some setting introduced in 10.5.1 that I might need to change?


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Hi Robert, 

I reproduce this on my 10.5.1 instance. I use Tomcat as my web adaptor. I've never seen this, but I've also not used uppercase characters in URLs I've set in my clients. FWIW, this has been around since at least 10.4.1 - the same happens on 

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I just upgraded to 10.5.1 and am having a problem with case sensitivity.  We have multiple intranet websites that are accessing the mapservices using REST and now are having problems accessing the services.  The mapservice address is built using database values, which could be put in by the user with either upper or lower case.  Will will have to pick through the code and make things lower or upper case depending on how the mapservice was built and how it accesses it in the code.

For example, this is our mapservice address:http://ourserver:6080/arcgis/rest/services/Folder/USAservice/MapServer 

The way it is registered in GIS is: http://ourserver:6080/arcgis/rest/services/Folder/usaservice/MapServer 

With the USA lowercase.  Our map will not display in the browser.

Please tell me that there is a way to remove the case sensitivity for the REST services!!!

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