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02-19-2018 05:24 AM
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I have credits set up for each of the data layers in my map, can anyone tell me how to print these credits in the layout view using dynamic text. 

I have tried using <dyn type="dataFrame" name="NewDataFrame" property="credits"/> but that just prints the credits for the data frame and not the data.

Thanks in advance.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

As far as I can tell from looking at Working with dynamic text—Help | ArcGIS Desktop , there is no dynamic property to read out the credits of each individual layer. 

The Service Layer Credits comes "close":

<dyn type="document" property="service layer credits" separator="\n"/>

However, this is only for ArcGIS Server and third-party tiled service layers. This would probably require some coding.

The Layer—Help | ArcGIS Desktop has a credits property.

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